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Test Success


Well done to everyone who has passed their driving test with Abacus School of Motoring. We're very proud of you!
2013: 40 Passes so far

Joe Boswell
Mike Fellows
Louise Matthews
Asa Young
Connor McGladdery
Simon Holden
Chris Copley
Ryan Simpson
Peter Young
Charlie Leslie
Becci Brayshaw
Lauren Simkin
Shero Musaku
Mags Burrett
David Lewin
Michael Hickman
Beth Brown
Kelda Bowman
Philip Gill
Ted Kirby (with no faults)
Phil Hulton
Erin Goodyer
Serin Maidlow
Robert Hudson
Sophie Carton
Emily Shaw
Danielle Howson
Cassie O'Connor
Mark Clegg
Ellis Kay
Natalia Hankovics
Ben Crowther
Lee Morgan
Kimberley Ainsworth
Usam Iqbal
Nick Grimmett
Ashley Briscoe-Scaife (with no faults)
Mohammed Shafiq
Jonathan Colledge
Scott Newell

2012: 35 Passes

Samantha Tempest
Monika Hamuleka
Ella Cooper
Joseph Muller
Kelly Swarbrick
Lee Bates
Brandon Hutchinson
Victoria Lee
Louise McGee
Jake Okunsukwa
Kim Dixon
Mark Brown
Andy White
Jeff Hall
Michael Wrigley
Eva Lee
Kelly Edmondson
Dan Clark
Michelle Hubahib
Catherine Carter
Sean Fieldstead
Penny Cawley
Dr Anderson Jeremiah
Levi Young
Tyrone Heron
Aimee Fox
Peter Armstrong
Anthony Withington
Emma Barnes
Dominic Hoyle
Simon Ward
MaryJane Heron
Charlotte Heginbotham
Bushra Begum
Kirsty Mason

2011: 37 Passes
Chris Derby
Craig Murray
Rachel Norwood
Laura Garside
Stacey Wallwork
Jordan De Villiers
Greg Wiktor
Jason King
Amy Walch
Chantelle Larkham
John Smith
Elliot Shepherd
Rico Young
Steve Peel
Alex Murdoch
Lyndsey Taberner
Amy Young
Roger Evans
Gary Murdoch
Vicky Kirby
Samantha Cross
Hannah Muncaster
Katie Muncaster
John Whitehead
Ceri Pritchard
Andrew McGuigan
Tom Waring
Luke Reilly
Jennifer Darcy
Callum Darlington
Mark England
Aimee Dinsdale
Ben Curtis
Peter Kirk
Ryan Crouch
Vicky Birkett

2010: 36 Passes

2009: 29 Passes

2008: 37 Passes
Abacus driving school is second to non the teaching is fantastic John Guest is a very understanding instructor and is very patient with those who are nervous drivers and all for a fantastic price won't get any better for the price and after having another driving instructor prior to John and I can deffinetly say that John is on another level of teaching to my previous instructor would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive
Nathan Atkinson 07-04-2017
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