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John Guest has been my driving instructor for 12months, I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my driving lesson which had been either 1hour 30, or 2hours. John is very dedicated to his job and he does it without fail! I couldn't thank him enough for helping me pass first time! I would highly recommend him! I will definitely miss my driving lessons every week!
Bell James 2017-09-13
John is most definitely one of the best teachers I have ever had.Apart from being a highly professional instructor, John has an amazing sense of humour.I always looked forward to our lessons.He made the lessons so comfortable and easy, I was on the road on my second lesson.I highly recommend Abacus School to anyone who wants to be a safe,skilled driver.I wish John all the best,My favourite person to drive with!!
Sarah Falak 2017-08-25
When I first met john I had only recently moved from a small village in wales and was quite intimidated by the thought of driving in an area like blackpool, my first few lessons were slow and it felt like it would take ages to learn, but john helped with my confidence and I started to progress quickly, when I made a mistake john displayed an almost saint like level of patience and having passed my test today, I can honestly say that john is the best instructor you could wish for, whether you have some experience or none at all.
Owen Phillips 2017-07-28
After two attempts at driving lessons over 20 years including two failed tests, I strongly believed that driving was beyond me and I had very little confidence in myself. I then met John Guest back in September of last year, on the recommendation of a neighbour. John is gentle, mild-mannered and has endless patience. If I didn’t grasp something, even after several attempts, John would stay calm and try different methods (armed with iPad) to help me understand. He is flexible and accommodating and was happy to arrange lessons around my commitments. Over the course of a few months, I felt my confidence was improving and when I became more comfortable with driving and as the test date approached John allowed me to suggest areas where I felt I needed further tuition or practice. He always said that he believed I could do it but his biggest barrier was convincing me that I could do it. I passed my test on Tuesday this week (first attempt with John) and I feel I owe much of this to John, his encouragement and his method and style of tuition. John also has a wonderful sense of humour which makes the lessons all the more entertaining (‘it is a dual carriageway - not a Julie carriageway!’).
Julie Dashfield 2017-05-03
Amazing teacher best out there it's a privilege to have had him as my instructer.
Thomas Wood 2017-05-01
Lessons are all well planned and all criticism is helpful. I would highly recommend Abacus School of Motoring
Amy Wilson 2017-04-13
Abacus driving school is second to non the teaching is fantastic John Guest is a very understanding instructor and is very patient with those who are nervous drivers and all for a fantastic price won't get any better for the price and after having another driving instructor prior to John and I can deffinetly say that John is on another level of teaching to my previous instructor would definitely recommend to anyone learning to drive
Nathan Atkinson 2017-04-07
John is a fantastic, patient and punctual instructor. After struggling in some areas he explained them thoroughly to me and continued to have faith in me when I got nervous after 3 failed tests. Today I finally passed 4th time. I highly recommend John as a driving instructor to anyone wishing to pass
Emma Williams 2017-02-10
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