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Well, where to begin, I'd had a few driving instructors before John…an liked none of them. Then this cool, calm and funny man rocked up at my drive. Lessons ran smoothly a few hiccups with my speed ( but that was understandable haha ) So after a near year of lessons. The test finally came. So I live in Preston and my test was in heysham…so I'm at my mothers in garstang ( half way ) and I realise my driving licence is in Preston! I call John and we are both frantic. He arrives, traffic is hella bad on both ends. New slip road in heysham. Temporary traffic lights all down the A6 to Preston…everything was stop and start. With a few cracking manovours, we made it to Preston…. Right, licence in hand and John at the wheel. Down the motor way, John taking off down the motorway ( at 70 may I add ) we get to the turn off in Lancaster. Coming onto greyhound bridge …. The traffic I've never seen anything as bad. Me and John getting rather nervous at this point. I call the centre with Johns instruction. No answer. Again. No answer. Then finally we here this voice YES!! Success, " hello we are late coming down greyhound bridge now, erm won't be too long…" Ten minutes later we arrive all rushed and frustrated. Tumble into the centre…. My driving examiner said " calm, I want you calm for this " - driving test takes place* Role up at the centre, John walks up to the car, leans in " I'm happy to tell you, you've passed!! " My god I would never of thought we would of got threre, never mind pass!! I have to say.. If you want a person that's kind, tells you what to do and how to do it, someone to calm you down and keep you sane whilst trying to get straight, or to run you from one end of the world to the other. John is your man. 100 out of 10 for this man. Thanks John. You have no idea how many doors and opportunities you have opened for me. Thank you xx.
Gina Danson 27-10-2016
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